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General Information About Beckenried / Emmetten

Beckenried is the ideal starting point for excursions round Lake Lucerne. Regular boats on the lake and the car-ferry from Beckenried-Gersau make it easy to reach tourist destinations in the region, including the majestic Rigi mountain on the opposite shore of the lake.

The resort of Beckenried (435 m) is on the south bank of Lake Lucerne at the foot of the Klewenalp with views of the popular and famous Rigi mountain on the other side of the lake. Near to Beckenried, on the panoramic terrace high above the lake, lie the villages of Emmetten and Seelisberg. Cable-cars provide access to the family-friendly walking and skiing area of Klewenalp and Stockhutte.

    • "Klewenalp-Seelisberg family safari – a popular walk for young and old, including cable-car, post bus and boat rides.
    • Emmetten wildlife-spotting footpath – information notices along the 11 km long path tell you interesting things about the fauna on the Oberbauenstock. A guided tour at dawn increases the probability of observing wild animals such as red deer, chamois, ibex, marmots or eagles.
    • Weg der Schweiz (Swiss Path) – themed walk about

StockhUtte - Niederbauen

"On the Klewenalp marmots greet the visitors at the mountain station, before they set out on the panoramic loop. Family safaris are very popular. Klewenalp/StockhUtte–Seelisberg with several mountain train rides, PostBus and boat back to Beckenried.

The wildlife trail Emmetten reveals interesting information on the flora and fauna at the Oberbauenstock. In the Niederbauen area, the view from the Hunds-Chopf to Lake Uri, the ascent to Niederbauen Chulm, and alpine cheese in the Tritt Hut - are always rewarding experiences.

Height: 1,593 meters / 1,570 meters 

View: Panoramic view over the arms of Lake Lucerne, opposite the Rigi; the highlight of the vistas is the Niederbauen Chulm (1 hour 20 min from the mountain station) 

Attractions: Wide range of events and entertainment in the Klewenalp region; Wildlife Observation Trail Emmetten; Hanggliding from the Niederbauen (mountain station) Culinary delights: Restaurants on Klewenalp, StockhUtte, Niederbauen Mountain Station; catered Hut Alp Tritt (Niederbauen) "