Scenic Journey

Bernina Express

St. Moritz - Lugano

"The Bernina Express must be the most spectacular Alpine crossing. Departing from Chur, the crimson-coloured train climbs to the Upper Engadin before weaving its way behind the Bernina Hospiz (2253 metres) through the Poschiavo Valley into the Valtellina region of Italy. The first highlight awaits passengers near Filisur, where the train traverses an awe-inspiring landmark – the 65-metre-high Landwasser viaduct. The route continues through 55 tunnels and across 196 bridges, making short work of the gradients (even without a rack-and-pinion system). The cross-border Albula and Bernina lines between Thusis and Tirano owe their UNESCO World Heritage status to stunning sights such as the famous Montebello Curve (with views of the Bernina massif and Morteratsch Glacier), the Pitschen, Nair and Bianco lakes, Alp Grum and the Brusio circular viaduct. And nothing can compare with catching that first glint of glacial ice on the horizon.


  • St. Moritz-Tirano (travel time 2.30 h) 
  • Davos-Tirano (travel time 3.30 h) 
  • Chur-Tirano (travel time 4.13 h) 
  • Bus Tirano-Lugano (travel time 3.19 h) 

Chur and region

  • Arosa Railway – covers 26 kilometres and an altitude difference of 1000 metres, but takes only an hour to complete
  • Albula Adventure Railway Trail from Preda to Bergun – perfect interplay between landscape and technology
  • Albula Railway Museum – 600 exhibits from a century of railway history, including one of the last “crocodile” locomotives

Lugano and region

  • Parco Civico-Ciani – Lugano’s “green lung” with plants and trees from around the world
  • Palm Express – 4 hours by PostBus from Lugano’s palms to the peaks of St. Moritz
  • Gandria – a tiny town at the foot of the Monte Brè; visit the Swiss Customs Museum on the border with Italy
  • Splash & Spa – fun and wellness at the Tamaro Water Park (10,000 square metres)
  • Monte San Giorgio – UNESCO World Heritage site (shared by Switzerland and Italy) with perfectly preserved ancient marine fossils"

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